Private Dining Room

Yacht Club Broiler Private Dining Room Standards and Guidelines


Room Capacity

*Seating for a formal dining group is up to 40. Table configuration in the room varies depending on the size of the group. Ask for details.

*Casual groups for appetizers and/or cocktail service can accommodate a larger amount of guests depending on the night or the weather (a portion of the deck may be used). We will explain your options.

*Groups that exceed our private dining rooms capacity can be accommodated in the back section of our restaurant depending on the occasion and night of the week. However we must have the appropriate guest/price per guest guarantee and established menu structure in order to sacrifice our regular restaurant seating. Again details can be provided.

Menu Options

*Our full menu is available for any private dining group. Menu items and prices may change seasonally or based on availability and costs.

*Limited menu options are available off our regular menu. Coordinate your choices with the host staff or manager on duty.

*Buffet style appetizer platters are available off our private dining room menu. We will assist in helping with the proper quantities for your event. Please provide at least 72 hours notice on your selections for preparation and ordering purposes.

*Continental breakfast for meetings and/or presentations may be available depending on the amount of guests. Please talk to the manager on duty as we will need to open early and to order as needed.

*Other buffet style luncheons or dinners may be available for your event as well. Please coordinate with our management staff for your options.

*Wine selections are available off our menu or can be specified ahead of time with the manager. You are welcome to bring in your own wines with a $10.00 corkage fee per bottle. All other beverages are available through your server.

*Happy hour is not available in our private dining room. Please refer to our private dining room menu and keep in mind we can do anything off our appetizer menu in quantities if needed.

Room Setup Standards

*Early arrival for room decoration and setup is available depending on a prior groups departure. Please keep in mind we do not permit confetti or glitter of any kind as it is a cleaning issue. A fifty or one hundred dollar cleaning charge depending on the staffs labor time involvement will be issued for any group that chooses to do so without consent.

*Linen tablecloths and napkins are available at your request for our laundry rental expense of $5.00 per tablecloth and $.50 per napkin or you can decorate with your own. Please provide at least one week notice in order for us to get the proper quantities ordered.

*Some groups may need our projection screen and electrical cords. These are available at no charge but please inform us ahead of time so we can set the room up appropriately. We do not have a projector.

Room Pricing, Payment, Deposit and Cancellation Requirements

*Due to consistent negligence in the communication of how the room is going to be used, improper guest counts being provided and the lack of respect for the cancellation process by certain groups we have unfortunately had to make a change in the booking process. These changes are only in place to help insure the proper use of the room and to provide us the opportunity to staff properly without potential overstaffing. The use of our private dining room is subject to certain charges and deposits.

*All groups booked need to pay a minimum deposit of $200.00 and all out of state reservations or group presentations (such as pharmaceutical or financial seminars) will be required to provide a $300.00 deposit for the purpose of assuring the proper notice of cancellation and guest count. Groups needing to reserve the back of the restaurant will require a $300.00 deposit as well. Deposits will be by credit/debit card only unless otherwise arranged and will not be charged unless the room criteria is not met. All C/C numbers received are for assurance of the room and will be filed securely on our private dining room program and will be deleted the day following the event. This deposit can only be waived at the managers discretion.

*Use of our room requires a minimum food and beverage purchase of $200.00 for lunch groups and $300.00 for dinner groups. This is to assure the valued use of our room and again can only be waived by management.

*Any group requiring our space prior to business hours would incur a fee of $50.00 for the first hour and $25.00 for each additional hour for labor purposes. Our starting hour of operation is 11:00 A.M. This does not include those groups that arrive early to self decorate.

*Cancelation notification of seven days is required in order to provide us an opportunity to rebook the room with a replacement. Obviously this cannot be done when a group is booked on short notice and is only needed for the purpose of assuring our rooms use. Please make sure to cancel with management only so that we are not expecting your groups booking. All late cancellations will incur the deposit charge.

*All Holiday reservations (Friday after Thanksgiving through December 31st) will require a deposit of $300.00 and minimum food and beverage purchases of $300.00 for lunch and $400.00 for dinner will be required as well. No seminar or presentation style groups will be taken during this time as it is our most requested.

* We are in the business of utilizing our space as much as possible and are willing to use it for smaller groups on short notice without those necessary expenses if we are able to. Please communicate with the management staff for availability. Thank You for your cooperation and we look forward to serving your event.

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